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HandSpun is home to all things beautifully handcrafted.

Our product range is carefully curated, chosen for quality as well as individuality. Every item is created by the talented hands of local artisans.

Handmade is heart made

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Crafting is making a splash world-wide as Gold medal Olympian Tom Daley is pictured casually knitting in the stands at the Olympics.
  • 1 min read
I happen to love hand-made items and support South African businesses where possible. So I thought  why not bring  beautifully handmade items - starting with baby and kids via an online platform? Easy right? So ... apparently not so much. Herewith the things I have learnt from starting up a side hustle 
  • 3 min read
Yay you are pregnant - but with pregancy comes a lot (and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT of advice). Some of which is brilliant, some old wives tales and some actually harmful. So, what to do? And who should you actually listen to? 
  • 3 min read