Cool things to do in unusual times

A mere few weeks ago we were all making plans for Easter, for upcoming weddings, birthday parties and in what seems like a blink of an eye, everything changed. And we are all, (except for a few amazing people doing essential work) confined to our house. And we aren’t alone, at last count 43%  of the world’s population movement is restricted.
With this has come a strange hiatus from everyday normal life. Although we are scrolling through newsfeeds every day, and watching out for death rates there is space to take a bit of a breather and make the most of your time in lockdown. One day we are all going to look back one day and tell our grandkids – we lived through that crazy time and had some good memories.

Crazy times call for crazy hair!

We have a few weeks where we don’t have to answer to anyone. No need to look on point for meetings. Similarly, school is a good few weeks off. Dischem has an awesome funky colour range –on your next essential shop get some semi permanent dye and embrace your punk rocker side. If you are worried about school /work .. just dye the ends (and cut them off) . 

Have you got an old pair of needles and yarn somewhere? This is the perfect time to get onto those skills you have always wanted to try. And you know what – kids love it too and it will keep them busy.

Below are some cool YouTube videos if you wanna try your hand at knitting, origami or pencil drawing.