Guide to creating your own wrapping!

Christmas is the best time – long days, summer sun and best of all presents! Some of us plan all year and some of us panic at the last second.

Alongside presents comes gift wrapping – which can add a fair whack to the price of the present and is often discarded or if it is a bag, put in the cupboard with the multitudes of other bags. This year why don’t you try an  earth-happy, gift wrapping alternative by using stuff lying around the house.

Some ideas below. 

Get creative with wrapping paper 

Despite the digital age, most of us have old magazines scattered around the house. Spend some time going through these. If you are feeling very creative look for coordinating colours in the magazine spreads, such as yellow or red, that can give your wrapping a theme. In the same theme, use newspaper or brown paper and break out your kids paints or pencils for a splash of abstract colour and use this to wrap your presents. 

If you want to get even more creative, make your wrapping out of fabric by using old clothing. Finally find a use for that worn through shirt or ancient duvets or sheets. Pull them all out from where they are hiding (possibly consider giving them a wash beforehand) and get going with the scissors.

Cut the material into evenly matched strips and wrap them around your present, for extra ‘points’ alternate the material! Secure these with glue.


In the same draws have a look for extra buttons or baubles that are lying around. These can be stuck onto the wrapping paper for extra pizzazz, or use the same method above with your old fabric cutting them into thinner strips to create ribbon.

String is also super handy for prettying up presents. 

There are lots of ways to wrap up your gifts without buying yet another gift bag …

Get wrapping…